Videos of our Third Annual     Bisexual Book Awards

Videos 1-8 below are segments from our eighth annual multi-arts reading, and videos 9-11 are segments from the Third Annual Bisexual Book Awards Ceremony. These videos, if watched in order, show our entire annual program celebrating bisexual writing, presented in NYC on Sat. May 30. Video credit: Donovan Hall


AUG 25, 2015


Contact: Sheela Lambert                                                     

Director, Bi Writers Association                                          

fuscialadybug (at) netzero (dot) com                                                     




Submissions Now Open


New York NY: The Bi Writers Association announces that submissions are now open for its Fourth Annual Bisexual Book Awards. Any 2015 book with a bisexual character, bisexual storyline, bisexual subject matter or theme, is eligible for submission. Awards are open to all authors regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Books can be submitted by the author, publisher, or the Bi Writers Association (BWA.) We’re starting with 10 categories total, eight of which have open submissions.  Other categories may open up if books are submitted to them.  We welcome bisexual book suggestions from anyone for our outreach list.


Books are judged on three main criteria: 1) quality of overall writing; 2) quality of writing about bisexual material, characters & themes; 3) quantity of bisexual material. A panel of judges will decide each category. Finalists will be announced by the first week in April, and winners will be announced at the Bisexual Book Awards, tentative date, Sat June 4th of 2015. The Bisexual Book Awards will be preceded by the BWA’s annual multi-arts reading, which will feature finalists of the awards.


“Our awards help bi-themed books find an audience,” says BWA founder & director Sheela Lambert. “The Bisexual Book Awards gives authors motivation to write and publishers to publish on the topic of bisexuality because they know the finished product has somewhere to go and it won’t just fall through the cracks. It becomes part of their marketing strategy,” says Lambert. “When the Bi Writers Association started its work in 2006 there were 10 bi-themed books we could find for the year. By contrast, last year our awards received over 70 books. So we know that we’re having an impact,” says Lambert.


To submit a book, send an email to the Bi Writers Association at fuscialadybug (at) netzero (dot) com with: name of book, by author name, publisher, year of first publication and whether it is fiction or non-fiction; then request a submission form. Even if you’re not submitting, BWA welcomes book suggestions from anyone.


Bisexual Book Awards Guidelines are available on the BWA website at

Early Submissions Now Open for 4th Annual Bisexual Book Awards

We havent sent out our press release yet. But why wait? We're accepting 2015 books now. A full complement of judges are already reading new submissions. See our submission guidelines! You can send in your books or recommend books right now!

And the Winners Are...

Awards formation on Bi Pride Flag at Third Annual Bisexual Book Awards. Photo by Efrain John Gonzalez.

Check out our winners list!

Bisexual Book Awards: A Multi-Arts Celebration of Bisexual Writing!                              ~Sat May 30~

Performers for the Third Annual Bisexual Book Awards

Finalist bisexual book authors read from their works.

Bisexual Book Awards Ceremony: winners are announced!

Plus live music, bi art & after-party!


 6:30 Book Signings 7pm Program & Awards 10pm Book Signings



Host: Sheela Lambert, Director, Bi Writers Association

  • Author Readings: Geer Austin & Ann Herendeen / Best Bi Short Stories
  • Courtney Moreno / In Case of Emergency
  • Herukhuti / Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men
  • Nora Olsen / Frenemy of the People
  • Vivek Shraya / She of the Mountains
  • Laura Foley / Joy Street
  • Shari Slade / One Kiss with a Rock Star
  • A.R. Fiano / The Book of Joel                    

Art Presentations: Gymnos Alitheia, Herukhuti & Vivek Shraya

Live Music: Rorie Kelly


Get more details on performers!


Tickets $15 in advance or at the door

Westbeth Community Room, 55 Bethune St. W. of Washington St

Questions? or 917-583-1797 

Finalists Announced for Third Annual Bisexual Book Awards!

This year we have an unprecedented 72 books with 10 book categories in our third annual Bisexual Book Awards. By comparison, last year we had 60 books and six book categories. “We are thrilled the Bisexual Book Awards continues to grow every year," says Sheela Lambert, Director of the Bi Writers Association. “By providing more bisexual categories, we have been attracting more bisexual books than any other awards. It’s always been the goal of BWA to increase awareness of bisexual books, to inspire authors to write more bi-themed books and to encourage more publishers to publish them. Since we launched our Bisexual Book Awards we have had the opportunity to reward authors and publishers for their efforts, says Lambert.”


Winners will be announced at the Bisexual Book Awards Ceremony on Sat May 30, following our annual reading and multi-arts celebration of bisexual writing, to be held in New York City at Westbeth, in the West Village at 55 Bethune St., corner Washington 6:30-10pm, followed by an afterparty, location TBA. Join one of our email lists, keep checking the Bi Writers Association website, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for program details and updates.


See finalist list on Bi Book Awards Finalists page.

Finalist Book Cover Photos                   *click photos to enlarge 

        Submissions Now Open for         Third Annual Bisexual Book Awards

The Third Annual Bisexual Book Awards cycle began on Tues Sept 23 2014, in honor of Bi Visibility Day. Check out the list of books submited to our awards on our Submissions page. Then join our Bi Book Club email list to stay informed about finalists, the Bisexual Book Awards ceremony and the winners. Our Third Annual Bisexual Book Awards Ceremony is planned for Sat May 30, 2015 in New York City--save the date!


Suggest a Book for the Awards

Readers: If you know of a bisexual book published in 2014 or 2015, please send us: book title, author name, publisher & publication date and we will look into it.

Photos from Second Annual Bisexual Book Awards.

Sat May 31, 2014.

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Check out winners & finalists of the Bisexual Book Awards!

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