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The Bi Writers Association is the foremost voice promoting bi writers, bi books and bisexual writing in America. We are working to put the "B" in LGBT.

We provide a networking forum for bi writers, an online bi book club, we work to increase awareness of members' writing within the bi community, promote bi writing in the LGBT community, use our word power to dispel myths and stereotypes about bisexuality in both the gay and mainstream press and work to help the "gay press" truly become the "LGBT press." This association includes writers in all genres including journalism, essays, fiction, non-fiction, plays, poetry, TV and movie scripts, songwriting and erotica.

The Bi Writers Association receives Call for Submissions from editors and passes them on to its members. BWA also publishes Call for Submissions from members for their book and publishing projects. We publish links to member blogs and websites.

The Bi Writers Association ran a successful campaign convincing Lambda Literary Foundation to add a Bisexual category for a book award at the annual "Lammy" Awards, the first in their 19 year history. From now on, every year there will be up to five bisexual book finalists and one winner. They have also added many new bi judges to their roster from a list we provided, increasing their bi judges tenfold.

The Bi Writers Association is launching a media campaign to increase bi visibility while reducing myths and stereotypes about bisexual people. We are working with other media organizations to update their stylebooks and are creating our own Media Guide to Bisexuality and LGBT Reporting.

BWA is planning to revamp its website. A bi bookstore/CD store is planned and book lists will be posted to help increase members book sales and increase awareness and accessibility of all bi-themed books and CD's.

The Bi Writers Association organized their first event on June 1st; Bi Lines: A Celebration of Bisexual Writing in Reading, Music and Culture. Bi Lines, a book reading for the Lammy Bisexual Book Award winner and finalists held in conjunction with the Lammy Awards, was a big success; packing one of the largest rooms at the NYC LGBT Center.

BWA is organizing a benefit concert at the NYC LGBT Center on Sept 28, featuring Rachel Sage, Sandra Grace, Diane Ward, Nedra Johnson, Ben Silver, Louisa Light & Rorie Kelly.



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