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Famous Bisexuals in History
Alphabetized by Last Name


Famous Bisexuals in History
and people whose love life/sexual history includes more than one gender
or who have publicly expressed bisexual attraction
List compiled by Sheela Lambert
**** over 240 listings ****

Note: the word “out” in a listing indicates those who are publicly out as bi (or its equivalent: omnisexual, pansexual, ambisexual, I am attracted to men and women, etc.) or who has made a public statement. Listings of people whose bisexuality has been uncovered by posthumous research will site a source, such as a biography. Listings of people who have publicly expressed a casual bisexual attraction will contain the word “maybe” or a quote, but will not have the word “out” in the listing.

See bottom of list for explanation of sources, source codes, history of the list and how to add someone to the list.

  1. Christina Aguilera – singer (out, quoted Advocate March 16, 2004 p.10 & “I find it hornier looking at women than men. Sorry, I love experimenting with my sexuality. If that means with girls, so be it.” Zoo, Jan 2004)
  2. Alvin Ailey – choreographer/dancer (autobio Revelations)
  3. Pharaoh Akhenaten – married to Queen Nefertiti (disputed,W)
  4. Alexander The Great*
  5. Michael Alig – party promoter/club kid/murderer (subject of movie Party Monster)
  6. Krista Allen – actress (out, W)
  7. Peter Allen – singer/songwriter, Liza’s former husband and subject of Broadway show: The Boy From Oz (out, see lyrics to song Bi Coastal)
  8. Jonathan Ames – former New York Press columnist, Guggenheim fellowship author of Wake Up Sir, The Extra Man, I Pass Like Night, editor Sexual Metamorphosis: An Anthology of Transsexual Memoirs. (writes about sex with women, men and male to female transsexuals)
  9. Brett Anderson - lead singer of British group Suede (wrote song entitled Bi)
  10. Susan B. Anthony – activist*
  11. Greg Araki - filmmaker: Nowhere, The Living End, Totally F***ed Up (out)
  12. Billie Joe Armstrong – lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for Green Day (out, Advocate Jan 24, 1995)
  13. Saint Augustine – theologian*
  14. Richard Avedon – photographer (W)
  15. Joan Baez – singer/songwriter (autobio)
  16. Josephine Baker – singer, actress, dancer
  17. Tallulah Bankhead – actress (bio by David Bret)
  18. Ann Bannon – iconic author of Odd Girl Out, Beebo Brinker, Women in the Shadows. Was married with 2 kids when she began her writing career. Wrote seminal bi/lesbian pulp novels in the pre-Stonewall 50’s and 60’s.
  19. Djuna Barnes – writer (bio by Phillip Herring)
  20. Drew Barrymoore – actress/producer (out)
  21. Cecil Beaton – photographer/set & costume designer (bio by Hugo Vickers)
  22. Simone de Beauvoir – writer/feminist
  23. Sandra Bernhard - comedian, entertainer (out, “I don’t think there’s any difference between what I find sexy in men or women.” Lesbian News Feb, 1998)
  24. Sarah Bernhardt – stage actress*
  25. Leonard Bernstein – conductor/composer (W + personal source says he was known on their college campus for being a Don Juan with both sexes.)
  26. Amy Bloom – author (out)
  27. Anne Bonny – pirate (lost title and author of book source, trying to recover)
  28. David Bowie - singer, actor (autobio of wife Angela Bowie, first person verification by known source)
  29. Angela Bowie – author, ex-wife of David Bowie (autobio)
  30. Paul Bowles - writer, composer*
  31. Marlon Brando - actor ("Like a large number of men, I, too, have had homosexual experiences, and I am not ashamed." bio The Only Contender by Gary Carey)
  32. Susie Bright – author/sexpert (out)
  33. Louise Brooks – actress (bio by Barry Paris)
  34. Romaine Brooks – painter (W)
  35. Gioia Bruno – singer, formerly of the 80’s pop group Expose (out)
  36. Bryher – poet*
  37. President James Buchanan (maybe, Sex Lives of the Presidents by Nigel Cawthorne)
  38. William S. Burroughs – beat writer (out, see autobio Naked Lunch)
  39. Richard Burton – actor (maybe, seeking additional source)*
  40. Lord Byron – poet*
  41. Julius Caesar – Emperor* (Julius Caesar's sexual escapades were such that according to Suetonius the elder Curio, in one of his speeches called him "every woman's man and every man's woman.")
  42. Patrick (formerly Pat) Califia – writer (out as bi and FTM transgender)
  43. Nell Carter – actress Gimme a Break (People Magazine 2/20/2003)
  44. Dora Carrington – painter (bio by Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina)
  45. Michael Chabon – author (out, W see Mysteries of Pittsburgh page, NY Review of Books Vol 52, #10, 6/9/2005, wrote Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Wonder Boys, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay)
  46. John Cheever – writer* (autobio/BB)
  47. Margaret Cho – comedienne/actress (married and out about having had sex w/women)
  48. Jan Claussen – author
  49. Montgomery Clift – actor (bio by Patricia Bosworth)
  50. Kurt Cobain – singer/songwriter of Nirvana (out, “…I’m definitely gay in spirit and I probably could be bisexual…[I]f I wouldn’t have found Courtney, I probably would have carried on with a bisexual lifestyle.” Advocate, Feb 1992, “What else could I say, Everyone is gay” lyrics All Apologies .)
  51. Jean Cocteau – french writer & filmmaker: Beauty and the Beast (W)
  52. Claudette Colbert – actress (Wisecracker by William J. Mann)
  53. Colette - novelist, actress*
  54. Gary Cooper – actor (Wisecracker by William J. Mann)
  55. Katherine Cornell – actress*
  56. Senator Larry Craig – US Senator (married, right-wing, anti-gay voting Republican senator was arrested and pled guilty in men’s room sex sting. He later recanted but no one believed him and he was forced to resign by his own party.)
  57. Joan Crawford – actress (Hollywood Lesbians by Boze Hadleigh)
  58. Countee Cullen - poet (library named after him in Harlem)*
  59. Alan Cumming – actor (out)
  60. Wendy Curry – bi activist and president of BiNetUSA
  61. Tony Curtis – actor (out, "I was 22 when I arrived in Hollywood in 1948. I had more action than Mount Vesuvius; men, women, animals! I loved it too. I participated where I wanted to and didn't where I didn't. I've always been open about it." Quote from British gay magazine Attitude 2002, as reported by IMDb.) W
  62. Julie Cypher--music video director, former partner of Mellissa Ethridge for many years with whom she has two children. Was married to actor Lou Diamond Phillips before Ethridge and married a man again in 2004.
  63. Stephen Daldry – director of The Hours (out)
  64. Ram Dass – spiritual teacher, author of Be Here Now (out, Gay Soul 1994)
  65. Dave Davies – guitarist The Kinks (autobio Kink,W)
  66. Ron Davies – British politician, former Secretary of State for Wales (out)
  67. James Dean – actor (bio by Donald Spoto)
  68. Cameron Diaz – actress (maybe, “I had a major girl crush on Pamela Anderson. Still do—she’s hot as ever—but she was my first.” …more in Advocate p.23 12/19/2006)
  69. Andy Dick – actor (out)
  70. Emily Dickinson – poet*
  71. Marlene Dietrich – actress (bio by Donald Spoto, The Girls by McLellan)
  72. Ani DiFranco – singer/songwriter (out)
  73. Barry Diller – media mogul (formerly known as gay, now married to Diane von Fürstenberg, fashion designer)
  74. Diane Di Prima – beat poet/writer (autobio)
  75. Stephen Donaldson (Donny the Punk) – activist, (out) Founded the first LGBT rights student group: the Student Homophile League (SHL) at Columbia University in 1966 and helmed the group Stop Prison Rape after being raped in prison.
  76. Lord Alfred Douglas, “Bosie” – poet, lover of Oscar Wilde (W, also see Natalie Barney listing)
  77. Isadora Duncan – dancer (multi bio The Girls by McLellan)
  78. Carmen Electra – actress (formerly married to bi musician Dave Navarro, now publicly dating out lesbian musician Joan Jett)
  79. Brett Easton Ellis – writer: Less Than Zero, American Psycho, The Rules of Attraction. (In his novel Lunar Park the main character named Brett Easton Ellis has “numerous affairs w/both sexes.” A characteristic shared by the author according to Time 8/22/05.)
  80. Havelock Ellis – early sexologist*
  81. Eric Emerson – Warhol film star (“He was coming on to everybody. He had about 5 illegitimate children, … and 100 boyfriends. He was very busy.” Styles Caldwell, co-star in Jackie Curtis play Vain Victory, interviewed in Superstar in a Housedress, doc on Jackie Curtis.)
  82. Rupert Everett – actor/writer (ID’s as gay but describes several affairs with women including Susan Sarandon in his memoir, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins)
  83. Marianne Faithfull – singer (autobio)
  84. Ibrahim Abdurrahman Farajaje' (formerly Elias Farajaje-Jones) – bi activist, administrator and professor Starr King School of the Ministry (out)
  85. Perry Farrell – frontman Jane’s Addiction, created Lollapalooza (out)
  86. Michael Feinstein - pianist/singer (out)
  87. Fergie (Stacy Fergusen) –singer, Black Eyed Peas ("I have had lesbian experiences in the past.” Responding to questions about playing a lesbian character in Grindhouse)
  88. Errol Flynn – actor*
  89. Tom Ford - designer (has publicly dated males and females)
  90. Jodie Foster – actress/director (bio by brother Buddy Foster)
  91. Margaret Fuller – early feminist*
  92. Mary Gaitskill – author: Bad Behavior, Because They Wanted To, Secretary
  93. Judy Garland – actress/singer (bio by Clarke)
  94. Greta Garbo - actress (multi-bio The Girls by McLellan, bio by Swenson)
  95. President James Garfield (maybe, Sex Lives of the Presidents by Cawthorne)
  96. Nan Goldin – photographer (out, wrote the words “I am bisexual” on the wall of the Whitney Museum for her retrospective in 1996)
  97. Emma Goldman – author, feminist, activist (The Girls by Diana McLellan)
  98. Farley Granger – actor (out, autobio Include Me Out, 2007)
  99. Cary Grant – actor (bio by Higham and Mosely)
  100. Merv Griffin – talk show host, creator of TV game shows including Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune (most likely, NY Times article 5/26/05: “I tell everybody I’m a quarter-sexual. I will do anything with anybody for a quarter.” Married for 18 yrs, after his divorce dated Eva Gabor many years, had one male palimony suit and one male-male sexual harassment suit filed against him, both dismissed with prejudice.)
  101. Rev. Ted Haggard—evangelical megachurch minister, president of the National Association of Evangelicals and opponent of “gay-marriage” outed by Mike Jones, gay male escort who recognized him on TV while watching the History channel, after having paid sex with him once a month for 3 yrs.
  102. William Haines – silent film star/interior designer (bio by William J. Mann)
  103. Wallace Hamilton – writer/playwright (memoir Christopher and Gay)
  104. Mildred Harris – actress, wife of Charlie Chaplin (The Girls by McLellan)
  105. Moss Hart – writer/director
  106. Sophie B. Hawkins – singer/songwriter (out)
  107. Anne Heche – actress, Ellen Degeneres' ex-girlfriend now married (out, autobio, Men in Trees)
  108. Nona Hendryx – singer LaBelle (out, recently featured on The L Word)
  109. Katherine Hepburn – actress (most likely, bio Katherine Hepburn: The Untold Story)
  110. Patricia Highsmith – writer (The Talented Mr. Ripley, Strangers on a Train, bio Beautiful Shadow by Andrew Wilson )
  111. Elaine Holliman – filmmaker (Oscar-nominated doc Chicks In White Satin, out)
  112. Laurel Holloman – actress (The L Word, The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love, out- -married, discussed bisexuality on L Word special)
  113. Billie Holliday – singer (bio by John Chilton)
  114. Brenda Howard – bi & gay rights activist who co-organized first marches commemorating Stonewall in 1969 & 1970 and countless marches and demonstrations thereafter for LGBT rights as well as other causes, one of the original founders of New York Area Bisexual Network in 1987 she continued to help run NYABN, despite disabilities until her death from cancer June 2005. (out)
  115. Michael Huffington – oil millionaire, former US Congressman, ex-husband of Arianna Huffington (came out in Esquire Jan 99 article by David Brock, later qualified he is bisexual—not gay and is producing the bi documentary Bi the Way)
  116. Langston Hughes – poet*
  117. Simon Hughes – President of Britain’s Liberal Democrat Party (out, Britain’s The Sun newspaper 1/26/06, widely reported in all UK press after)
  118. Tab Hunter – actor (“I HATE LABELS” are the first words of his 2005 autobio in which he came out as “gay” (he lives with life partner Allan Glaser) but describes being passionately in love with co -star Etchika Choureau, while simultaneously secretly dating bisexual actor Anthony Perkins. He wanted to marry Etchika but couldn’t picture himself being heterosexually monogamous and chickened out. Also dated Joan Cohn, widow of Columbia Pictures mogul, Harry Cohen. These two women were different from the women he dated as beards, like friend Debbie Reynolds.
  119. Loraine Hutchins – bi activist, author, sexuality educator, recipient of 2005 award from The Task Force
  120. Patricia Ireland – former President of NOW (out)
  121. Mick Jagger – singer (autobio by Angela Bowie wife of lover David Bowie)
  122. James I - King of England*
  123. Van Johnson – actor (, biography of Louis B. Mayer, Lion of Hollywood, Scott Eyman)
  124. Angelina Jolie – actress (out)
  125. Grace Jones – singer (out)
  126. Janis Joplin – singer (Going Down with Janis by lover Peggy Caserta
  127. June Jordan – writer, activist (out)
  128. Ashley Judd – actress (maybe, said on The View 9/13/05 that she has a crush on k.d. lang and would like to kiss her)
  129. Lani Ka’ahumanu – bi activist, author, safer sex program director, Grand Marshall of San Francisco 1994 Pride March, bi speaker at 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation.
  130. Frida Kahlo – Mexican artist (bio by Hayden Herrera)
  131. Jane Kasmeric – actress (outed by husband Bradley Whitford that she has a crush on Angelina Jolie)
  132. Danny Kaye – entertainer (bio of lover Lawrence Olivier by Spoto)
  133. Jack Kerouac – beat writer (out)
  134. John Maynard Keynes – economist*
  135. Billie Jean King – tennis pro* (out and previously married)
  136. Dr. Alfred Kinsey – sex researcher (film Kinsey, 2004)
  137. Dr. Fritz Klein – psychiatrist, author, inventor of the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid, bi activist
  138. Eva La Gallienne – actress (multibio The Girls by Diana McLellan)
  139. Heddy Lamarr – actress (out, memoir Ecstasy and Me: My Life as a Woman)
  140. D. H. Lawrence – author
  141. Carol Leifer – comedian/actress/writer/producer (out, previously considered straight, Los Angeles Times 7/30/2006 reports she has bought a new house with her partner, Lori Wolf because they are adopting a baby boy.)
  142. Tamara de Lempicka – deco artist (W)
  143. Lotte Lenya – actress/singer, wife of Kurt Weill (bio by Donald Spoto)
  144. President Abraham Lincoln – (see Introduction--The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln by C. A. Tripp, Sex Lives of the Presidents by Nigel Cawthorne)
  145. Bai Ling – Chinese-born actress (out, Advocate July 20, 2004 p.26)
  146. Lindsay Lohan – actress, (maybe, at a 2005 movie premiere when asked about her stated crush on Brad Pitt she said "Well, he's beautiful. But I've got more of a crush on Angelina (Jolie), though, than Brad," Lindsay laughed. "I'm infatuated with Angelina…And she's sexy as hell.")
  147. Kristanna Loken – actress, L Word, BloodRayne, Terminator 3(out, Advocate Jan 2007 “you fall in love, and you have a relationship. It doesn’t really matter if it’s one gender or another…there’s part of me that struggles with this confusion of not really ever being able to pick one gender.”)
  148. Eva Longoria – actress, Desperate Housewives (maybe, Playboy Aug 2006 "I wish I had a full-on gay experience because I think women are beautiful creatures. They're much more attractive naked than men and it sounds like fun. Maybe I'm just holding out for the future…I did kiss a woman one time and it was particularly shocking as I was not prepared for it. I met a girl in Las Vegas who I didn't know liked me. We were hanging out with a bunch of friends and we were saying goodbye and she gave me a kiss…It was very surprising but very nice. There were tongues involved and it was definitely a real kiss which was soft and gentle and sweet.")
  149. Rebecca Loos – british TV personality and former girlfriend of David Beckham (out, New Magazine, LOGO)
  150. Phillip of Macedon – King*
  151. Madonna – singer (famously open-mouth-kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on 2003 MTV Video Music Awards [the kiss heard ‘round the world] and for previous concert and TV performances where she danced provocatively in drag with other women and scenes with other women in The Sex Book and her Erotica video)
  152. Maria Maggenti – filmmaker (The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls In Love, Puccini for Beginners, out)
  153. Thomas Mann – novelist*
  154. Robert Mapplethorpe – photographer (commonly referred to as “gay” in the press but had relationship with rocker Patti Smith see p.20 of Oct 10, 2006 Advocate)
  155. Evelyn Mantilla – Connecticut State Representative (out)
  156. Princess Margaret – (British ITV documentary reported her 2 yr. affair w/American socialite Sharman Douglass who confirmed relationship, see
  157. Ricky Martin – singer (semi-out, see Barbara Walters interview)
  158. W. Somerset Maugham – novelist*
  159. Jenny McCarthy – actress, Playboy model, author (maybe, according to Wikipedia she has flip- flopped as to whether she has had sex with women. Currently in relationship with Jim Carrey.)
  160. Carson McCullers – author*
  161. Jim McGreevy – former Governor of New Jersey, married twice with kids, resigned as Governor amid gay sex scandal and is now living with male partner and insists he is gay.
  162. Rep. Stuart McKinney (Conn.)*
  163. Rod McKuen – poet*
  164. Margaret Mead - anthropologist (Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict, by Lapsley)
  165. Herman Melville – writer (bio by Laurie Robertson-Lorant/BB)
  166. Freddy Mercury – lead singer Queen (memoir by lover Tim Hutton)
  167. Edna St. Vincent Millay-poet (bio by Nancy Milford)
  168. Kate Millet-writer/feminist*
  169. June Miller – (novelized autobio Crazy Cock by ex-husband Henry Miller, diaries Henry and June by lover Anais Niin)
  170. Anchee Min – author (autobio Red Azalea)
  171. Sal Mineo – actor (out, co-starred w/James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause)
  172. Vincent Minneli – director, Judy Garland’s husband/Liza’s dad
  173. Megan Mullally – actress, “Karen” on Will & Grace and host, The Megan Mullally Show (out)
  174. Iris Murdock – author (bio by Peter J. Conradi, movie Iris)
  175. (Kathy Najimi) – actress (maybe, on stageat GLAAD awards speculated jokingly on why she hasn’t received an award “because I’m not fully gay. Maybe I kissed a few girls along the way...”) W
  176. John Nash – Nobel laureate in Mathematics (bio A Beautiful Mind)
  177. Dave Navarro – guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction and star of MTV reality series Til Death Do Us Part w/(now former)wife Carmen Electra & co-host of Rock Star on CBS (Alex)
  178. Alla Nazimova – (bio by Gavin Lambert)
  179. Me'shelle Ndegeochello - singer/songwriter (out)
  180. Holly Near – singer/songwriter (autobio)
  181. Sir Harold Nicolson – writer and diplomat, husband of bi writer Vita Sackville-West (bio by Nigel Nicolson, their son)
  182. Vaslav Nijinsky – dancer*
  183. Anaďs Nin – author, married and had affairs w/Henry Miller, his wife June and Gore Vidal (diaries Henry and June)
  184. Cynthia Nixon – actress (Miranda on Sex and the City, was in 15 yr relationship w/father of her 2 kids, now has a girlfriend)
  185. Laura Nyro – singer/songwriter (Out Sept. 1997)
  186. Robyn Ochs – bi activist, author, teaches university course on bisexuality (out)
  187. Sinead O’Connor – singer/songwriter (out, The Independent British newspaper, Ryan Confidential May 29 2003 on RTE1 Irish TV, Entertainment Weekly May 2005,W)
  188. Rosie O’Donnell – entertainer (see p. 73 of memoir Find Me re: love relationship w/man at age 29 also discussed on The View 9/20/2006, note also crushes on Tom Cruise and Julian McMahan[Nip/Tuck star she had sex scene with] Identifies as lesbian.)
  189. Georgia O'Keefe – painter (maybe, seeking solid source)
  190. Lawrence Olivier – actor (bio by Donald Spoto)
  191. Camille Paglia – writer (out)
  192. Anthony Perkins – actor (out, bio by Charles Winecoff)
  193. Pink – singer (out, 11/21/2003 HX, 12/2003 Out, QTN World News reports UK interview Pink says she had “lesbian lover” at 13 but her brother stole her girlfriend)
  194. Natalie Portman – actress (“I think it’s much more the person that you fall in love with—and why would you close yourself off to fifty percent of the people?” Rolling Stone, June 2002)
  195. Tyrone Power – actor* (autobio, out as gay but was passionately in love with female co-star)
  196. Prince – singer/songwriter/producer (most likely: see lyrics to Controversy, Sexuality, and Jack U Off)
  197. Carol Queen – erotic author/editor (out)
  198. Gertrude "Ma" Rainey – singer*
  199. Anthony Rapp – actor (out autobio, starred in Rent. Seems about 90% gay but still has a bi side.)
  200. Mary Read – pirate (lost title and author of book source, trying to recover)
  201. Lou Reed – songwriter/musician (out, live-in relationship with M to F transgender woman)
  202. Little Richard – singer/musician (out, autobio)
  203. Richard The Lionhearted – King of England (relationship with Philip of France see movie Lion In Winter)
  204. Tony Richardson – director, father of Natasha Richardson (Rupert Everett memoir)
  205. Chita Rivera – actress (out, When asked by Michael Musto “What was it like being the only straight in West Side Story?” She responded “I’ve never been all straight. Everyone has their curveballs.”
  206. Tom Robinson – UK singer-songwriter, famous for the song Glad to be Gay (out, from album Having It Both Ways “For 21 years now I've fought for the right, For people to love just whoever they like, But the right-on and righteous are out for my blood, Now I live with my kid and a woman I love, Well if gay liberation means freedom for all, A label is no liberation at all, I'm here and I'm queer and I do what I do, And I'm not gonna wear... a straitjacket for you”
  207. Lord Rochester (John Wilmot) – poet (most likely, see poems: The Disabled Debauchee, Upon His Drinking a Bowl)
  208. Jai Rodriguez – actor, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star, Rent on Broadway (Bisexual section of 7/31/2006 identifies as gay but has sex with women, article filed under “bisexual men.”)
  209. Eleanor Roosevelt – First Lady/wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, writer (bio by Blanche Wiesen Cook, affair with reporter Lorena Hickok)
  210. Vita Sackville-West – writer (bio by Nigel Nickelson, her son, which includes her diary of her affair w/Violet Trefusis)
  211. Rachel Sage – singer-songwriter (out)
  212. George Sand – writer (BB)
  213. Sappho - ancient greek poet*
  214. May Sarton – author (multiple journals/BB)
  215. Joel Schumacher – director (lover Liz Smith’s autobio and her 12/5/00 Advocate interview)
  216. , Guardian Review article: “I’m not hiding anything. But I am totally and completely against labels.”)
  217. Randolf Scott – actor (lover Cary Grant’s bio by Higham and Mosely)
  218. William Shakespeare – playwright, poet (see Sonnets to women and men)
  219. Ally Sheedy – actress (out, Curve Magazine “I…always felt that the person I was going to fall in love with was going to be the person that I fell in love with. I never had a preconception that it would have to be a man or that it would have to be a woman”)
  220. Roy Simmons – pro football player (out, Out Jan 2006, autobio)
  221. Skin - Singer (Skunk Anansie) in a British band (Alex)
  222. Bessie Smith – singer (bio by Chris Albertson)
  223. Liz Smith – gossip columnist (out, Advocate Dec 5 2000, autobio)
  224. Socrates – philosopher*
  225. Susan Sontag – writer/critic, partner of photographer Annie Liebowitz (out)
  226. Britney Spears – singer (outed by both ex-husbands, all over tabloid and entertainment press on 8-16-07)
  227. Dusty Springfield – singer (out)
  228. Annie Sprinkle – sex educator/performance artist/porn star (out)
  229. Starhawk – author/activist (out)
  230. Michael Stipe – singer/songwriter REM (out)
  231. Jacqueline Susann – writer (Vanity Fair Jan 2000)
  232. Tristan Taormino – editor/writer/sexpert (out)
  233. Robert Taylor – actor, (bio of wife Barbara Stanwyck by Madsen)
  234. Peter Tchaikovsky – composer*
  235. Wallace Thurman – writer*
  236. Pete Townshend – guitarist, The Who (out)
  237. Violet Trefusis- novelist (bio of lover Vita Sackville-West by Nicolson)
  238. Tommy Tune - dancer/choreographer/actor (autobio Footnotes)
  239. Rudolph Valentino – actor* (Wisecracker by Mann)
  240. Paul Verlaine – poet*
  241. Gore Vidal – writer, actor (memoir Palimpsest)
  242. Salka Viertel – actress, friend of Garbo (The Girls by McLellan)
  243. Bruce Vilanch – comedy writer (out, Film: Laughing Matters…The Men AKA Laughing Matters: Gay Comedy in America.
  244. Voltaire – writer*
  245. Alice Walker – writer/activist The Color Purple (out)
  246. Rebecca Walker – writer, daughter of Alice Walker (out)
  247. Walt Whitman – poet (read his poems)
  248. Oscar Wilde – author/playwright*
  249. Mary Woolstonecraft – writer*
  250. Virginia Woolfe – writer (bio of lover Vita Sackville-West by Nicolson)

Bidar Watchlist

  1. Robert Downey Jr. – actor repeatedly plays gay or bi roles, or acts in movies w/bi themes including bi writer Michael Chabon’s Wonderboys, Two Girls and a Guy and Home for the Holidays. He looks bi (sounds stupid but I thought Michael Chabon looked bi, although he was always described as straight, and I was eventually proved right.) Rumors.
  2. Jonathan Rhys Myers – actor starred in Velvet Goldmine and other queer-related films and roles such as Bend It Like Beckham and King Phillip of France in Lion in Winter. His current series, The Tudors, has a bisexual storyline (not involving his character.) He looks bisexual to me (see # 1.) Especially telling is this quote: "A lot of men are very uptight, but I don't distinguish between male and female beauty. Beauty is beauty." IMDb
  3. Kevin Smith – director, actor, Chasing Amy a bi themed movie to begin with, also has a shocking and unnecessary boy-boy love endplot where it turns out the two straight guys are in love with each other; produced gay documentary, contantly makes jokes about being gay (which since he’s married = bi). A recent appearance on Conan promoting Clerks II was unbelievably “bi.”  First he joked that he was the cast fluffer on the film. Then he talked about the gay subtext of X men and how he was disappointed that the original director of X-Men 1 and 2 didn’t direct X-Men #3 because he was expecting the third one to be an out and out gay fantasia with hard bodies and fluids and would abandon subtext for a "Brokeback Mutant" kind of movie and how its a cool message to give kids about tolerance and then how he stands outside the theater telling kids if they like Wolverine, that means they're gay and then the kid tells their parents "that man said I'm gay" and the parents say "I knew it." And hoping that when the X-Men director made the Superman movie instead, it would be a really gay Superman and was disappointed because he was hoping it would have “more gay action.”  Then Conan says "You'll get your wish someday.  That gay Superman movie will be out soon."  Then Kevin says "I'm gonna be waiting for it earnestly...with my pants off."  He spent more than half of his appearance talking “gay.”  And also mentioned his wife. Check out these two excerpts from an article, link below. "Periodically, I'll hear from a fan who says, `Hey, man, why'd you make Jay queer all of a sudden?'" laughs the irreverent Smith, 29. "I'll just say, `Dude, calm down.' Jay--who's always talking about women--is a character a lot of young hetero guys identify with. But I think Jay's really ambisexual. So it's nice to throw them a curveball to open up their perspective a bit. If I can lead a few cats into being a bit more tolerant, I feel pretty good." "Contrary to popular belief, I don't think we're 100% one thing or the other. You always have a degree of curiosity, whether you're straight or gay. You always hear about girls who one night get a little kooky and start fooling around, but you never hear about guy friends doing the same thing. But what's the difference? It's just something guy-guys don't talk about with each other."
    I know he has a gay brother but I don’t think it explains everything.

  4. Lili Taylor – actress repeatedly plays gay or bi roles, or acts in movies w/bi themes including I Shot Andy Warhol, Julie Johnson, The Haunting and Gaudi Afternoon. She lives in The Village. Or she might just be a fearless actress.

  5. Dana Delany — one secondhand source, seeking more sources.
  6. Conan O’Brian – late night host. He constantly flirts with male guests. This has become a trend in late night but he is the leader of the pack, flirting with guys about four times as often as the others. No rumors.
  7. Craig Fergusen actor/late night host confessed to crushes on Brad Pitt and Kevin Bacon on-air. No rumors.
  8. Sammy Davis Jr. – singer/actor (Second-hand source. Info seems credible but unconfirmed.)

List compiled by Sheela Lambert. This list was first started in 1997 as content for my then bisexual boyfriend Alex Hajnal’s website: The New York Bisexual Website. Listings taken from Lavender Lists by Lynne Yamaguchi Fletcher and Adrien Saks, published by Alyson are marked with an asterisk*. Listings from Wikipedia are marked W. Listings marked Alex were contributions from Alex Hajnal. For those listed as “out,” google them (type their name in on and look up magazine articles/interviews especially in Advocate or Out (this is easier if you also type Advocate or OUT in the search box.) Song lyrics can also be found by googling the artist’s name w/the word “lyrics” or “song lyrics.” All books listed as a source were personally read by Sheela unless marked BB (to order books mentioned, try BRC or Listings marked BB were taken from the Bisexual Biography section of the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC) website. Also thanks to, and Wikipedia for leading me to additional sources. Some quotes and quote sources were found in The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe by Mike Szymanski and Nicole Kristal.

Is there someone who should be on this list but isn't? Let me know but please include a source.


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