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The Bi Writers Association (BWA) organizes the Bisexual Book Awards (BBA), and its annual multi-arts reading and awards ceremony. We are the foremost voice promoting bisexual books, bi writers, bisexual writing and bi-themed arts and culture in America. BWA works to dispel myths and stereotypes about bisexuality and promotes bi visibility. BWA has organized readings, panels, a summit, film programs, educational workshops and in-service trainings. We provide networking email lists for bi writers and readers, book lists, educational handouts and a media guide. BWA has the most extensive library of bisexual books of anywhere in the world.


BWA membership includes bi writers in all genres: journalism, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, erotica, songwriting, plays, TV and movie scripts.


Bi Writers Association Timeline Milestones:
Mar 24, 2006: Bi Writers Association (BWA) is formed
Sept 2006: Lambda Literary Awards (“Lammy" Awards) agrees to add a Bisexual book award for the first time in 19 years, in response to lobbying led by Bi Writers Association with a coalition of bisexual organizations
Jan 2007: First Bisexual Lammy Award category has 10 books
May 31, 2007: BWA director Sheela Lambert presents first Bisexual Lammy Award, together with Wendy Curry from BiNetUSA
June 1, 2007: Bi Writers Association holds first annual Bi Lines multi-arts reading celebrating bisexual writing in NYC
May 30, 2009: BWA convenes National Summit on Putting the 'B' in LGBT together with the LGBT Center of NYC
June 29, 2011: BWA Dir. Sheela Lambert attends LGBT Pride Month Reception at the White House in Washington DC.
June 2, 2013: Bi Writers Association holds its first annual Bisexual Book Awards Ceremony in NYC combined with its annual Multi-Arts Reading (replacing Bi Lines.)
June 26, 2014: Bi Writers Association holds first monthly Bi Book Club meeting in NYC which lasts for several years.
Sept 2015: BWA Dir. Sheela Lambert attends White House Bisexual Community Policy Briefing in Washington DC.
Sept 23, 2015: BWA holds first Bi Visibility Day Open Mic
Oct 15, 2015: Dir. Sheela Lambert hosts two events for New York University Pride Month: a bisexual panel discussion at "Quench" and a Best Bi Short Stories reading plus Q&A.
June 10, 2018: Milestone Fifth Annual Bisexual Book Awards is celebrated with Multi-Arts Reading & Awards Ceremony.
Sept. 26, 2020: Bisexual Book Awards holds first virtual Multi-Arts Reading plus Q&A to celebrate its Eighth Annual season and to keep all participants safe during the pandemic. 
June 12, 2021: A new BWA project will be officially launched at the Ninth Annual Bisexual Book Awards: the Bi People in the Arts Group (includes all the Arts--not just writers.) 
Sept 19, 2021: Milestone Tenth Annual Bisexual Book Awards is announced.


Director: Sheela Lambert is the director of the Bi Writers Association and its programs such as the Bisexual Book Awards, the Bisexual Speakers Bureau and previous ongoing programs such as the Bi Visibility Open Mic and the Bi Book Club. Lambert founded BWA in 2006.


Lambert's groundbreaking anthology, Best Bi Short Stories, was the first bisexual literary fiction anthology ever published (2014.) She has a chapter in Bisexuality in Education: Erasure, Exclusion and the Absence of Intersectionality edited by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Routledge. Her national bisexual column on Examiner.com informed readers from 2009 to 2016 and she is also published by LGBTQ America Today Encyclopedia, Huffington Post, Advocate.com, Curve Magazine, Lambda Literary Review, Journal of Bisexuality, Gay & Lesbian Review, AfterEllen, AfterElton, GO Magazine, Bisexual.com, and Hakomi Forum. 

She spearheaded the successful campaign to add a bisexual award category to the Lambda Literary Awards in 2006 and served as a “Lammy” judge for six years. Her one-act play, Lavender Heights,

was performed as a staged reading at the 1994 International Bisexual
Conference in NYC. She produced and hosted the first weekly bi TV series on the planet, Bisexual Network, on NYC public access cable in 1993 and was a correspondent and producer on Out in the 90’s, a GLBT public access cable show, from 1992-93. 

She was the lead activist who, together with transgender activist Pauline Park, spearheaded the successful inclusion campaigns convincing several important New York City organizations to change their names from “Lesbian and Gay” to “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender” including The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center; Heritage of Pride’s Annual New York City Pride March, Pride Rally, and Pride Festival; and The NewFest LGBT Film Festival. 


Lambert has organized bi and LGBT readings, open mics, film programs, concerts, conferences, forums, workshops (including: the Safer Sex Series for Bi Women and Lesbians; Community, Inclusion, Unity: The 4th Tri-State Bisexual Conference; The National Summit on Putting the ‘B’ in LGBT) and other cultural programs in NYC for over 30 years. Lambert has been invited to the White House several times because of her activism and long history of service to the bi and LGBT community. She was able to travel to Washington DC and attended twice. 



Every year we recruit a roster of 30-44 judges; a combination of returning and new judges. Our judges are authors & editors, librarians, teachers & professors/academics, book reviewers & bloggers, and voracious readers; many with multiple college/university degrees. 


Chairs/Advisory Panel

There is a core group of experienced judges who supervise the judging categories and who advise the director in running the programs of BWA, especially the Bisexual Book Awards. These advisors are writers, university professors, librarians and business professionals who are intimately familiar with the workings of BWA and its programs.


Internships and Volunteer positions are available.



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