Call for Submissions:           Anthology of Bisexual Poetry 

Anthology of Bisexual Poetry

Seeking submissions of bisexual poems of any length. Preference given to poems that, in themselves, express bisexuality. We will also accept same-sex & other-sex poems of bi writers. Issue poems may also be considered. You do not have to identify as “bi” or “bisexual” to submit a poem but your orientation should be somewhere in the bisexual ballpark: whether you identify as bi, bisexual, pansexual, fluid, omnisexual, ambisexual, ambidextrous, bi-curious, heteroflexible, homo-flexible, two-spirit, lesbian-identified bisexual, gay-identified bisexual, bi-romantic, queer, or hate labels with a passion. People of any gender or gender identity & expression are welcome to submit whether female, male, trans*, genderqueer, gender fluid, intersex, hermaphrodite, etc.


Poems need not be love poems or erotic poetry. We are also seeking identity poems, political poems, issue poems, poems about bisexual artists or artwork, bi writers or any bisexual role models or bicons (bisexual icons) you may have. Poems about the frustration of living in a world that ignores bisexual people, perpetuates bisexual stereotypes or that gives you shade. Poems about getting same-sex married or being sick to death of hearing about marriage because you thought being queer meant you didn’t ever have to. Poems about being bi in the military or being anti-war and bisexual and wondering why anyone queer wouldn’t avoid the military like the plague. You can write about being a parent or other family relationships, coming out to parents, other family or a friend. You can write about the queer decorations in your house or your bisexual t-shirt collection (I wrote a poem about my bi & queer kitchen magnet collection.)  Poems dealing with transgender or intersex/hermaphrodite issues in a bisexual context are welcome since there is so much crossover in our communities. Poems are a great way to rant about social justice issues. Poems that deal with multi-identities or multi-minority status are encouraged. If your poem is about an issue other than bisexuality, try to place it in a bisexual context in some way (even if only in one stanza, a phrase or a word) so we can justify publishing it in this book. If you have a great poem that does not currently read as bisexual, we can make suggestions on how you can adjust it, if you want to find a way to fit in. We may consider publishing an issue poem by itself. If you’re not sure if your poem/s will work for the book, send them anyway.

You may submit multiple poems. We prefer unpublished poems due to rights issues & fees but If your poem has been published elsewhere, please indicate where & when. 


Also, if you know of a bisexual poet or poems that you think should be included, either current or from the past, please let us know.


Deadline: tentative deadline is Dec 31, 2020 but we will close submissions sooner if we have enough poems to fill a book.


Please send poem as an attached Word doc to an email with this info on top of page:

Author's pen name on first line.

Author's legal name, email address, street address, & phone numbers on second line & below if necessary. (Please remember to update this info if it changes!) If poem has been published before, please state where & when and if you retain rights to publish the poem—please read your contract.

Bio: Your 50 word bio

Then poem title and author pen name on two separate lines above poem text.

Then poem text below.


Sheela Lambert

Editor, Bisexual Poetry Anthology




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