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We will begin offering virtual learning opportunities for bi book writers very soon. Classes & workshops to brush up your writing skills, become your own publicist and panels on getting published. Plus open mic opportunities for readings, music and other arts.


Book Awards

Submit your book for these awards:

Bisexual Book Awards

Lambda Literary Awards

Rainbow Awards


Book Proposal Outline

A good book proposal is essential when seeking a publisher or even an agent. This book proposal outline from University of Wisconsin Press can be useful to structure or improve your book proposal. 


Book Reviews

Submit your book to be reviewed. Most publications want you to submit prior to publication because of how long it will take to read & review your book, then get the review published. Print magazines have a 6 mos lead time for this type of article. Websites are quicker.

Lambda Literary Review

Gay & Lesbian Review

Curve Magazine


Publishers List

Check out the list of publishers whose books have been submitted to the Bisexual Book Awards. Scan our Book Award Submissions page for the last few years to see what publishers are popping up. Especially in the category/genre lists: review the same category you want to publish your book in. Just scroll down past the All Fiction and All Not-Fiction lists til you come to the category lists. You need an agent to pitch your book to a major publisher or their imprints. But you can query indy publishers on your own and there are lots of indy publishers listed. Assuming they havent been swallowed up by one of the majors as their "imprint." These publishers have put out a book with bi themes or characters before so it's reasonable to assume they'd do it again.

Readers Resources

 Starting your own Bi Book Club

Our Bi Book Club no longer meets but it was fun while it lasted (2 or 3 years.) See below suggestions for setting up, publicizing and running your group.


Sample Listing: (Post book cover and description of the book you can get off publisher's website or Amazon.)


The Bi+ Book Club meets monthly to discuss bi-themed books and the issues they raise. 


Day/Time: 2nd Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm. Dinner after nearby at Village Den or Two Boots Pizza.


Venue: Find a venue, such as a queer, feminist or independant bookstore or an LGBTQ Center willing to give you free or cheap space.


Announce or vote on the next Book of the Month in group and post on on Bi Meetup. If you can decide two months in advance, even better, so everyone has time to order the book and read it. Maybe your local bi group has a Bi Meetup and would let you announce your virtual or in-person meeting there.


Ask participants to pick out some phrases, paragraphs or scenes that you'd like to discuss, or just join in on your read-a-long. Ask them to share their critique of the book. What worked, what didnt, how was bisexuality represented? You can say on your Meetup page:


"If you havent had time to finish the readings, or dont even have the book, come anyway because we read passages from the book aloud for discussion. As usual, we'll also be using the text as a jumping off point to further discussion of bisexual issues and personal experiences."


Participants can take turns reading from the book. Prepare some questions in advance about the book or take an incident from the book and use it as a jumping off point so that participants have a chance to talk about themselves, even if they havent read the book.


Directions via subway, bus or car:

Questions: email address, phone#


Do you have a Bi Book Club in another city? Tell us all about it! 

Bi-bliography is a regularly-updated database of bisexual books, created in LibraryThing.

Bisexual Resources

National & New York Bisexual Resources
Bisexual groups and organizations.
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